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4. Corporate, Organizational and Bulk Sales

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Keep It Simple and Smart, the Pulitzer-nominated best seller, can be done with custom covers for special events, conferences and conventions, as premiums, for fund-raising, church anniversaries, for the training of employees of a company or corporation, or as a give-away to their customers, youth groups, schools, government agencies…you name it. Personalized and customized items are highly regarded and give your company, organization or group increased visibility and elevates your image. Currently the book is being prepared for a major pizza company, a leading hotel chain, a nationwide health insurance carrier, and an automobile manufacturer. The cost for this is very reasonable, costing much less than many premiums or give-aways, yet has a lasting value that many items don’t. With the custom cover and the first two pages, the book is identified with your company or group, supported by the text of a book gaining in popularity. You can literally be instrumental in changing the life of one of your employees or customers…what could be a better gift than that!

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Book orders for K.I.S.S. in bulk quantities of 500 or more qualify for special pricing, with a free customized cover design and the first two pages of the book. There is no set-up, sample or processing fees.

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