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1. Other Editions And Prices

There are several editions of

The Keys


Click on the individual editions listed below,

to visit the page of each edition to read the description

and get prices and make purchases.


Regular-Print Edition Only


Audio Book on CD Edition


The Keys for Teens Edition


Large-Print Edition


Audio Book in MP3 Edition


PDF eBook or HTML

Electronic Edition


ALL editions
for sale on this site are
33% OFF
and include FREE Shipping!


We accept PayPal for payment.
Don’t worry if you don’t have an account.
No membership required – NO fees!

To place an order, click on the

Graphics - Logos - Paypal

Buy Now Button

on each edition’s page.

<b>Regular-Print Edition</b>

That will take you to your PayPal Shopping Cart,

then you can continue to shop for other editions

or proceed to checkout.



The regular book is available at Amazon.com

for $15.00 (plus shipping) and

for the Amazon Kindle Reader at $8.00 US.

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